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My Story

Christa Deana is a captivating and heartfelt singer/songwriter, worship leader, and educator hailing from the outskirts of Philadelphia. From a young age, music was ingrained in her soul, growing up in a family of church musicians and singers. Her innate passion for music manifested early, as she played melodies by ear on her baby piano before she could even speak. By age 3, she had embarked on formal piano and voice lessons, solidifying her dedication to the craft.

Recognizing her profound love for music and her innate ability to mentor others, Christa began tutoring theory and ear-training while teaching piano and voice lessons during her sophomore year of university. This conviction led her to pursue a degree in Music Education, building a strong foundation of knowledge and experience in her field.

As a music teacher in private and charter schools, Christa initially balanced her role while also teaching private lessons. However, driven by a deep-rooted desire for creative independence, she embarked on a bold venture to pursue her dream fully. Teaching private lessons during the week, she ventured out as a traveling worship leader and recording artist, releasing a self-produced album that resonated with listeners in 52 countries. Her music even secured a spot on Fresh Gospel, a prominent Spotify playlist.


Expanding her horizons, Christa made a life-changing move to Atlanta to immerse herself in the music industry. Displaying her versatility as a triple threat, she signed with both a film/television and musical theatre agency, booking notable commercials and shows. Her remarkable talent even propelled her to become a finalist for coveted Broadway productions like MJ & SIX. Fueled by a desire to pay it forward, Christa drew upon these invaluable experiences to enrich her students' lives.



"I am unwavering in my commitment to uplift and empower others by fearlessly sharing the transformative journey of self-discovery."

Committed to personal and professional growth, Christa is currently pursuing her Masters in Songwriting from the esteemed Berklee College of Music. In her current role as the Developer and Worship Leader at LIIV Atlanta, she fervently invests in the growth of her community, providing training and building up aspiring talents.

With her captivating presence, heartfelt artistry, and unwavering commitment to her craft, Christa Deana is an exceptional artist, mentor, and pillar of the music community. Through her remarkable journey and unwavering dedication, she continues to inspire and uplift others, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those she encounters.

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