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Christa Deana Voice coach and artiste

Debunking Vocal Myths

Eliminating frustration for confused singers

An interactive guide to understanding your voice

Thanks and welcome to the family!

Ariah E, PA

"Her positive, upbeat personality makes singing fun, engaging, challenging and precise all at the same time."

Caitlin H, GA

"Coach Chris has provided tools and tricks to answer most asked questions. She can make any voice shine!"

Maria C, CA

"Christa has the ability to make sessions very fun while you learn a lot. She helps you go out of your comfort zone which I love."
Maybe you're a brand new singer who has tons of questions.
Or maybe you've been singing your entire life, but are lacking the tools to be consistent. 
No matter your background, here is your chance to get the clarity you need to succeed!

Click the link to embark on a journey of re-discovery!

Thanks and welcome to the family!

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